First Week

Getting on the plane, I wasn't sure if I was ready for this trip. The 9 hour flight felt so long, and once I got to London, I still had to carry my 100lbs of luggage through the Tube, and onto the train to Chester.

I was greeted by the one and only Tony and Mikeila Li! The excitement on their faces helped me forget the luggage I was carrying and I rushed over to meet them. We went straight to get some fancy grilled cheese and then the goal was to stay awake till evening to fight the jet lag.

The rest of the week, I went through paperwork, figuring out everything for me to stay in this country a decent length of time. So phone plan, bank account, health insurance, residence card. We hiked Snowdon on Saturday with Penny and Phil (A couple from Tony and Mikeila's church) which is the tallest mountain in Wales, weighing in at 1085m. Just about half of Mt. Cheam.

My paperwork is taking more work than I hoped. For a bank account, I need a legal piece of paper with my full name and UK address on it. They said to get it when I register for health care, but when I went there, they said I needed the same piece of paper, but they didn't know where to get it. So it's kind of a circle to try and figure it out. I found another way, it just takes a little longer. So I am currently waiting for that.

Yesterday, the 25th of September, I flew into Seville and was picked up by Dr. Christopher Matthews. Dr. Christopher Matthews is the main subject of my first video here in Spain, and he is one of a group that became interested in the Monasterio de San Isidoro del Campo. It is a monastery set in Santiponce, built in the 14th century, and was the place where monks started translating the Bible into Spanish. Matthews' dream, along with many others now, is to acquire a long term lease on the monastery and turn it into a seminary for Christians and a home base for church planting around Spain. It started as a refuge, a place of study, and a place of service. And this is what Dr. Matthews and all the people with him in Santiponce are aiming to return it to.

And that is where I am now! Sitting in a conference about the monastery where people from all over the world, are teaming together to work towards furthering of this monastery.

I will keep you updated with what I am doing as I figure that out! Still not sure if I am ready for all of this but I know this is where I am supposed to be.

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